Bicycle Tours

The gentle hills of the Lipperland invite you to a relaxing cycle tour.

Cycle paths of Lemgo city

Route 1 (R 1)

Distance about 12 km, Starting Point: Lemgo, Regenstor – Hölandstraße to the forest edge – right to the Kompostwerk (Maibolte) – Direction Voßheide – behind the railroad track right –  Bierweg, Schloßstraße, Finkenpforte back to Regenstor

Route 2 (R 2)

Distance about 12 km, Starting Point: Lemgo,Langenbrücker Tor, eastern direction along the railway tracks, at the crossing right (Krügerkamp, Hornscher Weg) – Wahmbeck (Birkenkampstraße) – Schäfersiek – starting point Langenbrücker Tor back to Pahnsiek and Steinstoß

Route 3 (R 3)

Distance about 9 km, Starting Point: Lemgo, Johannistor – southwesterly direction (Steinweg, An der Bega, Liemer Weg), turn into Ziegelweg – Hörstmar (car museum) – Laubke (Trophagener Weg) back to Johannistor

Route 4 (R 4)

Distance about 12 km, Starting Point: Lüerdissen, local center, Zur Behrensburg – forest crossing (Langenfelder Weg) – at the Kompostwerk Lemgo left drive to the starting point Lüerdissen

Route 5 (R 5)

Distance about 7 km, Starting Point: Hörstmar, Hörstmarscher Krug, Waldweg – Schülerweg – Trophagen (Heidensche Straße, Heidensche Trift) – Laubke (Brautschatztwete, Ellernlaubke) – starting point Hörstmar

Circular trail Lemgo – Bad Salzuflen (Li 7)

Distance about 38 km (Rhiene,Retzen), Starting Point: Lemgo, Johannistor, Entruper Weg – Entrup – Bredaerbruch – Kirchheide – Pillenbruch – Kixmühle – Wüsten – Bad Salzuflen – Ehrsen – Schötmar – Retzen – Rhiene – Wittighöferheide – Leese – Lemgo, Entruper Weg, starting point Johannistor

Circular trail Lemgo – Detmold (Li 15)

Distance about 33 km, Starting point: Lemgo, Regenstorparkplatz, Finkenpforte – Brake (Castle) – Voßheide – Wiembeck (Mill) – Barkhausen – Brokhausen – Deponie Hellsiek” – right direction to Hohenwart – Brücke (north ring) to glider hanger towarts Detmold-center (Castle), Robert-Koch-Straße distance cycle trail R 51 to Detmold-Klüt, on Bremker Straße right at the open fields to Heiden, Trophagener Straße – Trophagen – turn into Heidensche Trift, Laubker Weg, Cycle path of B 238 into rigth direction to Lemgo, after 600 m (Notrufsäule) turn into Pahnsiek across the river –  rampart drive right to the starting point Regenstorparkplatz

Cycle paths to Weserrenaissance

1. Brake Tour:

Distance about 62 km, Lemgo – Schloß Brake – Bad Salzuflen (Retzen und Schötmar) – Waddenhausen (Ziegeleimuseum) – Hagen – Lemgo; Südschleife: Heiden – Detmold (Castle) – Voßheide – Lemgo. The tour can be divided into two tours (West Loop, South Loop)

2. Eastern Lippe Tour:

Distance about 55 km, Lemgo (Schloß) – Voßheide – Castle Wendlinghausen – Barntrup (Castle) – Blomberg (Castle) – Reelkirchen (Castle) – Großenmarpe Lemgo,
Additional Loop (in Blomberg) to the Emmer reservoir: about15 km; the tour around the lake additionally 7 km

3. North Lippe tour:

Distance about 85 km, Lemgo (Castle) – Voßheide – Castle Wendlinghausen Barntrup (Castle) – Alverdissen – Bösingfeld – Bremke – Exten – Rinteln – Varenholz (Castle) – Langenholzhausen (Mill) – Hohenhausen – Bavenhausen Lüerdissen – Lemgo

Further activities in Lipperland


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